Cahier n°1 - Managerial Innovation in all its forms

Keys to understanding and getting into action

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The framework

Observations, comments and analyses relating to managerial changes under way in companies provide an overview of the great variety of the managerial practices and innovations being experimented with and their varying degrees of success. How can the truly fundamental changes be identified? And how can one discern whether they are truly managerial innovations? How can they be characterised to provide tools in support of action?

Towards an Understanding of Managerial Innovations

CIME's activities have made it possible to bring together a rich and diversified body of research relating to a great variety of managerial innovations and observed experiments. While each of these has been recorded in company case study files (see "Company Case Studies"), together they have made it possible by means of inductive logic, to draw up a typology of managerial innovations we propose for adoption as a pragmatic and simplified approach to addressing the challenges faced by companies in this area.

Company Case Studies

11 companies are analysed according to a common template: the context, the managerial innovation observed, its innovative character, and the role of the HR function. These cases are looked at from the perspective of the typology put forward by CIME (a proposed typology of managerial innovations).

Lessons Learned

The company case studies are instructive in that they identify the key actors, the role of the HR function, and the questions that need to be asked to guarantee successful managerial innovation at the service of the company's transformation.