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Our programme for 2023

Cime Notebook n°4

Organizing spaces and ambiances for creativity in R&D

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Cime Notebook N°3

"Roles and skills of managers in a dynamic of transformation and innovation"

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Cime Notebook N°2

"Exploring agility in the context of R&D"

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Cime Notebook N°1

"Managerial innovation in all its forms"

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Learning expedition in Israel, rescheduled in 2022

Israel as a start-up nation: a technological or managerial success?

Ethic rules

Due the confidential nature of the documents in CIME's private space and the obligation to protect intellectual property, we ask you to strictly respect this confidentiality (no distribution or use of the material is allowed without prior consent from CIME or the owner company/organization. When use is authorised proper citation of documentary sources is required).

About us

Based on the notion that “Innovation is above all about managing innovation” CIME is an association which brings together company executives, HR directors, managers, researchers, and practitioners, to share and develop knowledge in the field of innovation management.

We focus on Innovation in all aspects, through 2 areas of investigation : the management of innovation and expertise, and managerial innovation

Why should you join Cime Innovation?

To join a network

Meet and share views and best practices with other executives and managers involved in questions relative to innovation

Share Return on Experience in a multi-disciplinary approach

To access latest outputs

Through studies, articles, research produced by researcher who are at the forefront on Innovation management and organization topics

Through a resource centre focusing on action research,the sharing of experience, and co-construction

To participate and contribute

In advancing reflection, practices and learning round those topics

In an environment guided by a Scientific Advisory Board and academic partners

Our offer

Our areas of research

Our production

Regular meetings allowing testimonies and expert knowledge
sharing by company members, researchers, experts

Workshops facilitated in a collective intelligence approach to support reflection and consulting on a project
introduced by a company member

Learning expeditions to visit companies or innovative environnement (France and international)

Innovation Management intelligence and monitoring, relying on or French and International network (partners, companies, researchers), Exclusive member access to our resource center on our website

Meet-up with peers at high level

Studies focusing on strategic subjects and topical themes and addressing
concrete needs for action

Seminars to discuss, share, capitalize and spread new knowledge


Both in the management of expertise and in managerial innovation

Roles and skills of managers in transformation and innovation dynamics: identify the new landscape of managers’ skills in organizations’ transformation projects and the levers of their development

The future of workspaces and innovation (with the Camondo School): multidisciplinary “design based” Action Research allowing a global approach to the evolution of work environments in the context of the current transformation of work, particularly in the worlds of R&D

The constitution of expertise (with the LEST -Aix Marseille): understand the processes of construction of individual and collective expertise in activities dedicated to knowledge creation and innovation, to identify the conditions for validation  and risks of weakening of the construction of future expertise

Remote work and reorganization of activities: identify the effects of telework on the reorganization of activities in and out of work.  Investigate the consequences on the evolution of work relations

Publications, Learning expeditions and events

2018 – « Innovation, research and development management »

2019 – « Managerial innovation in all it’s forms »

2020 – « Agility and acceleration in R&D :challenges and prospects »

2021 – « Roles and skills of managers in the dynamics of transformation and innovation»

Nov. 2017 : « Transforming and conducting Innovation in a creative industry » Visit of Ubisoft

Sept. 2018 : « Innovation as a national priority » Visit to China

Nov. 2018 : ” Human aspects and challenges in an innovation process» – Visit of RTS,  Liipand Horizon Sud (Switzerland)

Nov. 2019 : « How will we work tomorrow? » – Visit of  Airbus 2.0 factory and NavalGroup

2018 – « Management of Innovation in R&D: between tension and renewal»

2019 – « Managerial innovation in a blooming state ? »

2020 – « Technological Innovation and Managerial Innovation:  from singularity to convergence»

2021 – « Company to the test of the environment: navigating the next world »

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